…of candidacy only to enter in ten months another long tunnel of final negotiations for full membership. The EU has declared the intention of not ending the negotiations before 10 or even 15 years. Ankara, on the other hand, is determined to terminate the negotiations as soon as possible, never exceeding the ten-year limit and has made a realistic plan in all detail to achieve this. Of the 31 chapters or big files to be negotiated in this process, more than  20 have already been finalized within the Customs Union process that has been going on since the beginning of 1996. What are the consequences of the EU’s historic decision on Friday (17th) and the chances of success of either side in carrying out their intentions? Please read the article below for a comprehensive analysis as it appears from Turkey.

  For the last few weeks world media has been preoccupied with Turkey on the occasion of the process ending at the EU summit’s final decision on 17 December about starting the negotiations on 3 October 2005 with Turkey for full membership to the European Integration.

The accession is a deadly blow to the “Clash of Civilizations”

This worldwide keen interest in Turkey’s accession was certainly due to its impact on the future of world events, primarily the Bush team’s Broader Middle East project which most people believe is based on the notorious “Clash of Civilizations” advocated by an American analyst, Samuel P. Huntington.

When Turkey becomes a full member of the European Integration, hopefully much sooner than the alleged 10-15 years, the world will become a much better place than what the sinister scenarios such as the clash of civilizations foresee.

It is not because Turkey is one of the strongest economies of the world. Neither is it because the Turkish Armed Forces are the mightiest military power of the world, but because no other nation has been on both sides of these forces which Huntington expects to clash, and no other nation has diagnosed the challenges and ordeals involved as well as the Turks have.    More